About Us

Our expertise and commitment to provide quality in education has resulted in successful growth of QAGS and we are proud of our strong reputation for setting high academic standards. QAGS was founded with the aim Of providing a broad education that is ambitious, diverse and inspiring reaching to those families who were previously unable to have access to quality education. We remain true to our guiding principle routed in the traditional and Islamic values Of honesty, respect and integrity. We believe in educating’ the whole child, encouraging them to explore their interests in different ways and promoting curiosity of mind, freedom of spirit and a passion for learning. To achieve this, our curriculum provides opportunities which enable children to discover knowledge and build on their individual strengths.This approach to learning empowers them with the confidence to face the challenges of our ever-changing economic and social environments. QAGS prepares students to take their social responsibilities within the communities. Qazians are guided through early years Education all the way to matriculation. Our aim is to equip our students with the skills to acquire knowledge, to help them understand the values required for success and to support them throughout their Learning lives. We look forward to welcoming you as QAZIANS of QAGS.